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Cat Supplies

      From newborn kitten to the senior snuggler, Globalpets.com will be there with ideas, answers to your questions and a wide variety of toys for your feline companion. Although cats spend much of their time sleeping, they are playful in nature and curious creatures. Toys that challenge them mentally as well as  physically will help to keep them slim, energetic, healthy and happy. A wide array of toys will enrich your cat's life. Most toys can be classified as either ones that your cat chases or bat around, dispenses treats, maze type or climbing structures. From mice filled with catnip to  balls that wobbles and rolls on its own, you will be able to find a toy that will keep your cat entertained! Remember to pamper your feline friend to the ultimate level by providing not only toys but scratching posts, window perches, beds, and climbing posts. By keeping in mind your cat's age, health, and activity level you will be able to decide on the right toy for your cat.