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Small Animal Supplies

More people are turning to our small animal friends for pets. They are great in teaching young children responsible pet care and require less space. Their needs are covered in four basic areas: housing, food, health, and social interaction. Habitats should be comfortable, spacious and offer a safe environment. Adding a small house or hiding place reduces stress while providing a nesting place. Small animals thrive best when fed a good premium food as well as fresh vegetables. Small animals and rodents teeth are growing constantly. In their natural environment they are chewing constantly and the teeth are properly worn down. In the home environment it is very important that chew sticks are offered for this purpose. Playtime can be a lot of fun by adding an exercise wheel to the cage, providing a toy specially design for small pets and allowing them free time from the cage supervise. Our line of small animals products will cover all of your pets needs thus allowing you more time to enjoy your new pet.